We can work from rough data files, hand written copy, MIDI file or previously printed copy.

Scores and instrumental parts for any size of ensemble can be produced, from solo instrumental pieces to large-scale orchestral and choral works. We are experienced at preparing scores for publication and can turn your hand written scores or MIDI files into publisher-quality manuscripts.

We can transpose any music to any key you require and we can score and record your MIDI files.
Photocopies, or Acrobat PDF files of your scores will be sent for your review. These will be watermarked as 'proofs'. Once the score is approved we will then proceed to extract the parts should that be required

Completed work can be provided in either printed or digital form (or both):
  •     Digitally as Sibelius, Dorico, PDF, EPS, GIF or JPEG files.
  •     Printed on high quality paper in any size up to A3.
  •    In hard copy format, you can choose to have your work presented on standard paper or various other paper weights, sizes and colours. (Single sided, double sided or booklet format).