Clients Include
Jonathan Östlund Composer (Sweden)
Brian Wright Composer (Guitar pieces)
University of Wales Press
Sarah Travis
Faber Music Ltd
Parker Mead Ltd
Lincoln Theatre Royal
Michael Harrison Entertainment Ltd
‘Chess’ National Tour 2011
EMI Music Ltd
Dafydd Saer
Theatre Royal, York

Publications Include
University of Wales Press - 'Welsh Traditional Music' - Phyllis Kinney
Cambridge University Press - 'French Opera in the Age of Rousseau' - David Charlton

Client Testimonials
"Ric Lloyd is my trustworthy go-to expert in creating parts from my scores, including at times when tight deadlines need to be met. I am very pleased with the results, the parts are accurate and look great, and I am happy to recommend him to anybody who would require similar work, as well as any other type of music transcription and editing, as he has both the experience and the up-to-date knowledge about all the specifics.

It is with great joy that I can affirm that working with Ric Lloyd guarantees a professional as well as friendly dialogue, expert solutions and results, delivered promptly and reliably.
Thank you, Ric, for your excellent work and dedication;I look forward to a continued collaboration!"
Jonathan Östlund, Composer.

"Ric Lloyd was commissioned to produce over 200 musical examples for my forthcoming volume, 'Welsh Traditional Music', soon to be published by the University of Wales Press. This work involved copying from 18th and 19th century manuscript sources as well as contemporary printed sources. The work was done to a consistently high standard and the process of proofing was made much more straightforward by Ric's professionalism and wealth of experience in the business of preparing music for publication. In addition, his familiarity with the variety of file formats required by publishers meant that there were no problems of incompatibility. Ric made the whole process of producing the musical examples remarkably straightforward and easy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."
Phyllis Kinney (ethnomusicologist and author of 'Welsh Traditional Music', published by University of Wales Press).